Red Sox Still Racist Despite Banning One Racist Fan
The DiDi Delgado

I’m white, yet well aware of the extent of racism in this country, and I’m sickened by it, tired of it, exhausted after decades of observing this argument. Sometimes the black responses to racism I find pointless or bigoted themselves, but generally not, generally black people are simply trying to express what they experience daily.

I’ve seen it up close, and when associating with black people when I was young I was amazed at the crap they were putting up with daily, even just from whites in the street. From subtle to blatant, a steady stream of racism came at them, and often at me for being with them.

My frustration continues, as I perceive whites, for the most part, in denial, if not outright racists, and blacks trying, like this writer, to explain it to them, and they nitpicking every word to try to find some “reverse racism” they can whine about. I think my frustration with the blacks expressing this is that they’re not succeeding in getting their message across, but then I can hardly blame them for this. The whites aren’t listening. They don’t want to know. They want ignorant bliss.

So what can I do about it? That’s also very frustrating, because I’m not really sure. I make subtle comments in public when whites behave wrongly. I treate everyone equally until given a reason not to. Wow so what, that hardly makes me a revolutionary hero, but seriously what the hell else can anyone do at this point? I thought the country had progressed, yet watched even white women elect a racist misogynist megalomaniac as President simply because apparently Obama had somehow offended their sensibilities.

I’m 67 yrs old, participated in the 60’s in some of the anti-racist activism which was rampant, and I sadly have to realize that I’ll die in a country still seething with white racism with the very real possibility of widespread violence erupting at some point when people decide they can’t take it any more. Damn.

Now, please, all the white in-denial racists, blast me with posts complaining about how offended you are to be told yet again that your ethnic groups has some serious social pathology which you need to address. But won’t.


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