Nope. #projecting

This snarky white denial is sickening. Snide nitpicking about dictionary definitions, lol. And comments about social realities which ignore the discrimination which is ongoing. And the historical effects of generations of Jim Crow.

Study after study confirms the ongoing discrimination, and until that ends, no white person has any business wasting time denying that racism exists. And I’m quite sure that those who deny it loudest are the biggest racists. Oh sure, the disparity of wealth in this country between white and black is due to what? Whites are somehow superior, more deserving? They work harder? LOL!!!

I’d rather live in a society with equal opportunity, justice, rather than one in which one gets a historical and current advantage by virtue of white ethnicity, though I’m “white” myself. I’d rather not live well by standing on the backs of others. The alleged ethos of this country, where “all men are created equal,” and so on, I seem to have absorbed from long ago.

When will this society as a whole ACT on those principles!?