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Sounds like a crazy person but there maybe a kernel of truth to what could also be construed as feedback that wasn’t portrayed fairly.

On HN, it says:

benjo_li 31 days ago [-]
This is basically a collection of 110+ spreadsheets collected from HN, FB groups, Slack teams, Quora, private convos a.o.
This is a product I built with my partner in the last 3 weeks, call it MVP/RAT. We plan to build a beta in the next weeks and have lots of ideas. Right now we’re using Google Drive’s spreadsheets.
Our long-term plan: we’re hosting the sheets ourselves to be able to build powerful collaboration features. Thinking of the Git metaphor,we plan to let users open ‘pull requests’, ‘commit changes’ within a review process, ‘fork’ sheets, create ‘branches’ and bundle ‘collaborators’.
And here’s a story how we met, came up with an idea and built this:…

How were these “collected?” Was that created, copied with attribution or plagiarized without permission?

In this specific example of a list of people, collecting and publicly sharing a mix of personal information without indicating an AUP or means of opting-in/out would be unprofessional in the same sense as American resale of email lists and personal info. In some countries, it may also be illegal IANAL.

Always ask for permission (and document it) from people before you share their info and give a way for them to easily opt-out.

Not doing so is amateurish and likely to ask for issues like this.

Drama is great for awareness, but not handling it deftly, comprehensively and honestly is the source of many failures.

Also, don’t fall into venture anti-patterns that crowsources value or gets a bunch of goodwill, and then throws a paywall or suddenly shuts down because [lame excuse here]. People will remember and won’t trust them a second time.

Good luck, godspeed and change the world

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