99 Problems (at the University of Minnesota)

  • Overcrowding (dining halls, laundry room, study spaces, bike racks, campus restaurants, etc.) [mobile application]
  • Need of college specific items (bikes, computer locks, lofted bed shelves, gopheralls, sports tickets, textbooks, calculators, etc.) [intra-UofM craigslist]
  • Lack of one unified simplistic place to view grades
  • Repetitive food in dining halls
  • Suffocation by peers
  • Only one entrance to the dorms
  • Strongly accented professors
  • Coffee is not brewed during all meal times
  • Lack of fresh produce in dining halls
  • Lack of student recycling
  • Lack of composting in residence halls, campus restaurants, and dining halls
  • Lack of naturally lighted and/or open air study spaces
  • Lack of time (general)
  • Lack of student group/club database with search tools based on interests
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