Divine intervention sometimes makes the difference.

interior room, small silver tree, chairs, couch with feet,lamp & window
interior room, small silver tree, chairs, couch with feet,lamp & window
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The comfort zone surrounds our “safe and normal”, tied to our personality through life experiences. It’s a place that keeps fear and worry at bay, until we stretch ourselves beyond its calm borders. As babies, we establish a comfort zone somewhere between not being hungry and having a clean diaper. Our individual zones expand in proportion to our sense of adventure and curiosity.

It’s a long string of outcomes on the endless learning loop of life.

We test our comfort zone when we face an unknown that causes anxiety or fear. The event can be planned and on purpose such…

Life is better when we love, laugh, and learn.

Brown horse with black mane
Brown horse with black mane
Photo by Frano Duvnjak on Unsplash

Many of our life lessons are learned from other people, so personal growth should be continuous if we want to become balanced, productive adults.

As a young boy, I got a good start by working with horses for a couple of summers. It was fun being a carefree cowboy, so as an adult, when I met a wilderness guide, it was easy to relate to his experience with horses in the bush.

Randy told me about a horse he rode named Jughead. It turns out he was a mischievous, sometimes cantankerous critter, a lot like some people.

Randy said if…

Performance indicators help measure progress.

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Your writing history tells the personal story of how you overcame all the obstacles, and achieved literary success. It will only be a long interesting tale if you don’t quit, and instead, keep writing and spend a little time recording the ups and downs of the journey.

Every successful writer ends up running a business. But not every writer knows how to make it efficient and profitable.

It’s a long road between your first article and all the money you dream of making. …

#2. Write through the frustrations and doubts.

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All new writers must take a risk and expose their work. (The danger is particularly true for less experienced writers.)

Personal musings can be controversial, uninformative, or boring, and they can often raise objections from readers. Here are five ways to make the journey less troublesome.

Read your way to greater knowledge

Human habits are as old as time. Some are good, others not so much.
Reading is beneficial no matter what stage of life we’re passing through. For writers, it’s a tool to help us learn, and a wonderful diversion when the writing starts to get us down.

If we encounter a man of rare…

We are all on an endless learning curve.

Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

Fear was in our lives long before hitting the submit button became an issue.

As children, some of us were afraid of the dark. We were scared of the dog barking behind the fence we walked past on the way to school.

Fear comes in and out of our lives randomly, which is why we must get used to it.

What if you’re a one-horse hitch called a writer?

For someone with an endless desire to write, but is completely petrified by the submit button, it’s a problem.

You write but never ship. Agonize over what might happen. Spend endless hours editing.

Doubt and fear own you and your…

Barry Desautels

small business entrepreneur, love learning, read a lot, working on being a better, more productive writer.

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