The Dangers of Presentism — A response to Tobias Stone
Jamie Pohotsky

When Trump says, “Only I can fix it,” he means his ADMINISTRATION can fix it. See, the problem with folks like YOU is you still see Trump as being on “The Apprentice.” You can’t get past that. You fail to accept that everything the media throws at him like,,being misogynistic and racist,,is blown back in their face by the very individuals that the media says he slandered or mistreated. You can talk about history all you want, it have never interfered with mankind's drive to destroy itself.

So, you see NO problem with “refugees” pouring across our borders? Those SAME types of refugees that is causing Germany and France so much death and destruction? YOU are part of the problem. No, you are most likely an educated Liberal that wants to give America away to the whole world, let every third world criminal just walk right in. No, you have no excuse. Your excuses are running out as BLM kills our police officers, your excuses are invalid as young children are gunned down on the streets of Chicago and the Liberal media buries it ten pages deep. You have no excuse. Human nature is just that, human nature and NO amount of history is going to change that.

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