The Real Reason Hillary Can’t Just Shut The Fuck Up And Go Away
Caitlin Johnstone

So, to summarize — The Cheeseburger in Charge is not so bad, if you can’t have Jill? And really, the wacky shit this guy does, is really not that bad? Hillary would have been so much worse? Last time I looked, the US is located on Earth, and you should come visit us sometime soon, Caitlin!

Where do you get your bad ideas from? This whole working with the right, because they will “help us to overwhelm the evil corporations” stuff, combined with a pathological fear of the Clinton Machine, kind of makes sense, if you spend all of your time smoking pot and talking to people who believe that the visit to the moon was a hoax, and that 9-11 was an inside job.

I say this, not to denigrate your views in the above article, but because I observe in your writing a disturbing sense of entitlement towards the “truth being out there”. Maybe the reality is a bit simpler than you need to have constructed. Perhaps this comes down to the things we can observe — Mr. President really wants us to pay attention to him, and is willing to do whatever it takes to remain headline news, and his “won by popular vote” opponent of the past election still feels that she can remain relevant to the public discourse by writing a book, for which she gets paid.

In comparison, your favorite — Jill, has been relegated to obscurity. That’s basically OK by me, because her platform, and her party, was basically a non-starter for the election. That’s not because she did not have any good ideas, it is because she had a combination of limited experience, combined with no essential support to be viable, and sometimes, when she opened her mouth, just plain crazy shit flew out... That’s a major problem for many of the left-leaning candidates. At some point, their ideas need to be paired with real-world practicalities, and there is just no critical mass of prior experience and personal network to make it work. Sort of like your critical analysis of the narrowly defeated Democratic Party candidate, or maybe sort of like the topics you are picking to generate some interest in your writing by courting increasingly controversial statements.

Loveya, keep writing, soon you will have it down as a journalist.

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