Don’t Bother Pulling The Horse!

if he won’t drink the water…leave him be

I have a friend of mine that runs an ad agency. He’s having trouble closing the deal on a “client” that just doesn’t understand the value of social media.

I run into this quite often. I’m asked to meet with a prospect who wants to be convinced that social media is something that they need to be involved in.

In those instances, I walk. I decline the meeting. It’s not worth my time. I don’t feel the need to convince anyone. You either believe or you don’t.

My objective isn’t to work with clients that I have to convince. My objective is to work with businesses and people who believe what I believe.

Someone who doesn’t understand, believe or trust you isn’t someone you should be doing business with anyway. It’s a marriage destined to fail.

Focus your efforts on working with businesses and people who share your passion, your commitment and your vision. Take the time to create a presence where those who want what you have to offer, seek YOU out.

In this very competitive business environment, too many people are too quick to take every client that walks through the doors or calls on the phone. That’s a fools game.

The proverbial horse that can be lead to water but can’t be made to drink needs to be left alone.

Don’t worry about convincing him to take action. Eventually he will succumb to his own stubbornness…or die.