Who is the Nigger?
Biko Mandela Gray

Actually I’m white and hung in there with you all the way through…I’m still processing your piece in it’s totality but wanted to both thank and agree with you on a subject that many people I’m afraid would interpret as “racist” if it came from a white guy….and thats the poor, uneducated whites that probably make up the backbone of all white hate groups….my brother and I were discussing this very subject today! I was always impressed with the answer that I was told Sec. of State Andrew Young gave when someone asked him why he didn’t denounce with more fervor the KKK…I’m paraphrasing here but he stated that he didn’t want to further denigrate or disenfranchise the poorest most powerless and ultimately the easiest to exploit group of white people that made up the majority of the clan. I to my shame and living here in Ga. had never thought about the KKK as anything but mentally marginal white men who had no life other than wearing cartoonish costumes and spouting hateful gibberish. I did not think to even bother asking myself “what circumstances/conditions create people that think as they do”. And if you really think about it…for those that know how to play on peoples fear and ignorance and prejudice….you have a near perfect class from which to recruit….these are the one group of people it’s not only okay to make fun of….makes jokes about…..or mention as candidates for euthanasia or forced sterility…but it’s almost mandatory and of all the groups that comprise the poor and at risk…this maybe the only one that feels that even the people of their own race have cast them out to a great degree. I enjoyed your article very much and I for one am not shocked or offended, on the contrary I appreciate your point of view and sharing your knowledge…I, in turn hope that you will not see my response as a defence of “trailer trash”….but rather a re-wording of your own observations about intellectual inferiority with which I absolutely agree…I will never know on a personal level your struggle as a person of color…I can try with all my heart to understand and seek to build together a better world…I can however share in the costs that can come from being poor and ignored for I lost my oldest grandchild to suicide in December of last year…she was only days away from turning 13 and in her despair and cry to be heard she hung herself in the front yard of the mobile home she and her mother lived in while streaming it online…I only bring this up because a week or so later in Fla. a young black girl also took her life on an internet live stream…..I cannot help but wonder how alike these 2 beautiful and precious girls may have been …1 black and 1 white….both poor…both lonely….I will never know what it is to be black or know how hard you struggle…but this I know with all certainty…I know exactly how the grandparents of a disadvantaged little girl of color that lost all hope and in her despair took her life feel….we share that same sorrow….My apologies to you for straying off the subject….I just thought …maybe even hoped that by sharing these two girls pain….two little girls that deserved so much better….You have not offended me Biko Mandela Gray ….you have helped me to consider things I hadn’t before and I thank you….please forgive my ramblings…I’m getting old and thoughts sometimes flow unbiden..