The White People Who Need “Proof of Racism”
Son of Baldwin

I’ve been trying to digest this article and see the frustration that the author has experienced…I am a white man yet I am not going to take that he means all white people….I would hope he didn’t….admittedly I can never truly know another’s plight unless I have shared a similar one….I cannot know what it is to be a person of color and the trials of their daily lives …no more than I can know what it’s like to be a woman or the pain of childbirth…so I will not insult them with platitudes such as “I feel your pain” and the like….but I can try to understand and if my understanding falls short I would hope that those with greater understanding would help me…I have no doubt that racism exists…nor that there are white people who deny it….Yet I think ..I hope that most would acknowledge that it is real….I do not profess to have any answers…I truly wish I did….I emplore everyone who cares about equality and opportunity and justice to not give up nor give in….I’m just a simple man…not very smart ….lacking education….probably unworthy of voicing any thoughts…but I am also a grateful man….not because of the color of my skin….or money(I have none)…or even a home that is mine(I don’t)…but because I have no hate in my heart for anyone…no matter their color or gender or whether they are liberal or conservative….I neither desire nor envy what someone else has…I crave no power over my fellow man or desire to place myself above any…..I am at a place in my life where the road ahead is much shorter than the one behind and for that too I am grateful….but if I could have one wish come true, it would be that we as a people will find our way through the darkness and that one day everyone’s face will feel the warmth of a sun that shines for all and not just a few….forgive the ramblings of a tired old man.