Blueshifted Music

Photo by Jose Antonio Gallego Vázquez on Unsplash

Blueshifted Music

Somewhere in-between 
procrastination and care
lives a unique skill

I enjoy moving melody 
a half measure sooner
than the vibration hits the ear

anticipating the motive 
prior to its motivation
breaking it all down just
before the breakdown

I steep her tealeaves 
several heartbeats before 
her heart skips into 
craving its honeyed warmth

I trace the groove 
that draws her taught 
and leaves her slack
before our moves

I’ve always been a 
Thursday kind of guy 
for in Thor’s mighty voice lies 
the promise of weekend bliss

Friday’s a branded catfight 
among the past goddesses

my goddess draws breath
as mine was easily lost

exhaling clairvoyant will 
into her deepest wishes

I melt snow-sculptures 
before they’ve fully amassed 
in her driveway

I live in the tension 
in a contorted face 
before the cry

don’t mistime me as sadist
for hearing the cry is still both
jarring and frightful

but the building crescendo 
is everything

living in this way, 
using my singularly 
blueshifted power

in half-measured strides 
into our future

keeps me in pace 
with our present.