Barry Donadio’s Firm Now A Private Detective Agency In Washington D.C.

Public Security LLC

The continually growing private security company “Public Security LLC” obtained a Private Detective Agency license in the District of Columbia.

On May 15th 2015 Public Security LLC was issued a Private Detective Agency license in the District of Columbia ‪#‎PDB24729‬. The license enables Public Security LLC to legally:

1. Detect, discover and or reveal crime and or criminals.

2. Secure information for evidence relating to crime or criminals.

3. Discovering or revealing the identity, whereabouts, character

or actions of any person(s) or thing(s)

Public Security LLC is one of our nations few publicly declared Private Intelligence Agencies. The firm also provides security, executive protection and private investigation services in the states of New York and Maryland. Public Security LLC is led by its President Barry Donadio whom is a Military Veteran and a former member of the U.S. Secret Service during the Bush and Obama administrations.