Why This Radical Leftist is Disillusioned by Leftist Culture
Bailey Lamon

You know what you get when you try and build a society where people try to always be considerate of others and avoid offending each other at all times?


We’re slowly adopting their system of extreme self-conciousness. You know what the most popular entertainment has been in Japan for years now? TV shows where the main focus is showing people (sometimes famous, sometimes not) reacting to something.

You know what the most popular videos are on Youtube today? Videos that show people reacting to something.

The purpose of these TV shows/videos is to tell the viewer what “everyone else” thinks about things, so that the viewer then forms their thoughts in reaction to what “everyone else” thinks. Thus creating an endless cycle of bullshit.

I don’t want the west to turn into Japan. What we need is self-awareness, not self-consciousness. The former is simply developing an accurate perception of your self, knowing your capabilities, limits and boundaries; the latter is perceiving yourself through the eyes of others. The latter is totally, utterly useless.

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