How to boost your creative genius through music

Music is powerful. Period.

Black Entertainment Television (BET) recently launched a 3 part series on the story on the 80’s R&B group New Edition. After finishing part 2 today I felt inspired to get on the keyboard.

Growing up in the 80’s and listening to their music I have learned things about the group I never knew watching this series. This really enhances the connection of their music with me even more now.

The original New Edition pictured with those actors who played their parts. Photo Credit BlackSportsOnline

The story behind their experiences is sensational, and of powerful influence. All the emotion of real life scenarios they encountered to learning how to navigate the music industry. They encountered so much as young kids from Boston.

After all we relied on radio, Yo MTV Raps, or the latest issue of The Source to receive updates on their music back then. Unlike today where a few clicks on your phone, and you quench your thirst immediately.

The power of music to inspire

The last few days on my timeline multiple friends were commenting on the series that aired January 24–26th. Again, technology. I watch after the fact to skip commercials. Hence today is the the 27th!

After watching part 1 last night, today was part 2 . This is an incredible story. I think it’s safe to say even those who did not grow up in this era can be inspired. New Edition truly changed the game with their story. Thank you BET for creating this. I’m a new born fan again!

As a blogger and social media coach for small businesses this story has provided plenty of inspiration for me. To create some content over the next couple of weeks at least. Musicians have their microphone, bloggers have their keyboard.

Music is powerful. It can inspire and stir up so much emotion with it’s listeners experience. It can take you back to a specific place in time immediately. It did all that for me and then some. If you grew up in the 80’s I recommend you check it out.

Until the next inspiration arrives, see you next time.