Las Vegas | What Happens Here Only Happens Here

Barry Gipson
Jan 29 · 4 min read
The Las Vegas slogan has recently changed to “what happens here only happens here.”
The Las Vegas slogan has recently changed to “what happens here only happens here.”
Are you ready 4 the first ever online global social organism experience?

“What Happens Here, Stays Here.” Unless, of course, you document nearly every waking moment in Las Vegas — sober, high, or drunk — on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, which is the practice of a rising number of social media-obsessed visitors.

The writing is pretty much on the sign by now 4 all to see, but with so many people asleep at the wheel when they wake up in valet it might be too late. If you been taking a nice little nap it’s time to wake and bake. Because “What happens here only happens here” is actually the new slogan 4 Sin City. As seen on the most recent Grammys.

I’m not here to just tell you about it, I’m going to take you on a journey to experience it vicariously personally. As I pack up my belongings to depart south from Seattle to Las Vegas it’s about an 18 hour drive straight through.

Red Pill or Blue Pill you decide in Las Vegas
Red Pill or Blue Pill you decide in Las Vegas

What is all the hype surrounding Las Vegas in 2020?

Why am I packing up and heading to Sin City you ask? Well you see there is the NFL draft there in April I have my sights set on. Just like in 2018 when I traveled to Dallas to make history with the NFL. Leaders lead from the front.

I’m going all chips in on the NFL making Las Vegas it’s de facto nucleus. It’s not too hard to notice how the NFL has moved from the bay area to plant it’s flagship brand in the entertainment capital of the world.

What kind of opportunity does this mean 4 those still asleep? When you mix sports and gambling together in the entertainment capital of the world folks are about to open up their PayPal app faster than ever on DraftKings.

In my new Amazon Kindle E-book “Bullet Proof”centered around creating veteran suicide prevention and awareness I dedicate a whole chapter to laying out how the WEED and GAMBLING GAME is about to make some players SiriusXM cash in the GAME periodt.

Did you know there is a Cannabis convention directly before the NFL draft?

Those of us who are awake are actually gathering intel and developing a strategy to capitalize. Last summer before I began writing my book I knew I would be in Sin City for 4/20 to begin with.

As I began to map out my plans I made a discovery. The three-day event will be held at Paris Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nev., April 21–23, 2020. Don’t meet me there beat me there.

Just before Christmas last year the MLB took the cannabis lead before the NFL was in position. Which only means in a matter of time the NFL will allow it’s players the alternative for pain and mental health management.

In conclusion

This is just the tip of the iceberg. My excitement to travel to Sin City and set up shop is at an all time high. Many times before I have traveled there to just visit, and partake in the festivities.

What Happens Here Only Happens Here.

This time however I have cold hard cash on my mind. During the holidays I reached out to all the real players in the GAME I know that will see the opportunity, and invited them to come out to build with us.

Between all the social media channels and specifically here I will share my discoveries and how you can capitalize of this once in a lifetime opportunity. The fact of the matter is many of you will remain asleep. Eventually the sounds of winning will wake you.

For those who wake up, and are ready to begin constructing something special then be sure to follow me. In addition check out my personal blog where you can join my growing email community and stay connected in the GAME.

Barry Gipson

Written by

Dysfunctional veteran with a keyboard on an advocacy mission 4 veterans by creating suicide prevention and awareness content in 2020.

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