From reading your article, I dont think you know a lot about the situation in Syria, the things…
Dina Ariss

You’re right about that photo; it was a mistaken choice, since the hospital was one of the (relatively) few hit by Al Qaeda suicide bombers. I’m replacing it with a photo — one of many thousands available online — of a hospital hit by Assad regime airstrikes.

I send you my sympathies for being a resident of Aleppo at this terrible time. But it is no mistake to say that the vast, overwhelming evidence (including photos) points to the destruction of hospitals as the work of the Assad regime and Russian war planes, and these include maternity wards, children’s clinics, etc. Doctors Without Borders (MSF) says that as of last year 63 of their facilities alone had been bombed, most from the air, therefore inescapably by the regime or the Russians.

These stories and photos come from thousands of respected, neutral news sources worldwide. The Assad government does not even hide it: they have declared medical facilities in rebel-held areas “illegal” and therefore fair targets for bombing. I’m sorry you think the world is conspiring to tell lies about Assad’s air and artillery strikes on medical facilities, but it is perhaps this that will make Assad go down in history as one of the most inhumane of dictators.