#MeToo Will Not Survive Unless We Recognize Toxic Femininity
Meghan Daum

Anything and everything inter-sexual / gender / personal… it’s always going to BE a two-way street on MANY levels. Not all. But MOST of our exchanges & experiences have to come from a place of “dealing with our own shit” responsibly.

Life truly does happen THROUGH (not TO) us!

That, yes, includes WOMEN who, sadly, have been conditioned over the past 15 years or so to believe that complaining without owning (i.e., their own emotions and behaviors) is a-okay.

A recent extreme-feminist-riddled article on this platform fueled me to whip-up a tongue-in-cheek screencast video about how much of this is way too over-analyzed, way to divisive, way too full of (to be frank) BS-beyond-belief.

The result of that is here:

But, my nut-shelled version is this:

We all need to start coming together as conscious MEN and WOMEN and quit judging from a distance, or critiquing in an ivory tower bubble.

And just simply engage with LIFE — it’s all in forms, follies and foibles.

START assessing based off veritable BEHAVIOR and legit facts. Noting more. Nothing less. Those don’t lie.

The rest: It’s all one big fat-ass illusion filtered through our perceptions tied to our addictions and past traumas…