Much Ado About “Mansplaining”
Cathy Young

Here’s my thoughts on the word, “Mansplaining.”

Wake da hell up!!!!… and quit inventing bullshit ‘gender-competitive’ words…

“Mansplaining” is about as rationally legit as the overly self-distracting and outwardly shame-focused phrase as “toxic masculinity.”

As humans, we’re either focused and gearing-up our interests in compassion or cruelty; disgrace or respect; self-accountable behavior or blame and perpetrating judgement / aggression (whether repressed or expressed).

I’ve been on all extreme sides of each trait / behavioral spectrum. The biggest hard-won lesson is often the one that allows us to SEE, at any given moment, whether we are serving ourselves and others with aligned values, transparent motives, and the overall quest to awaken to greater and greater self-awareness as we roll through this short life.

In short, I quit tilting at windmills (i.e., fighting imaginary evils or opponents) a few years ago. I’d advise anybody playing the role of Don Quixote with an adversarial “gender label” to do the same thing!

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