How to Be More Than a “Marketer”

Before I fell off the face of the digital planet in 2013 (only to make a part deux comeback in 2015), over a 6-year period prior, I had a cadre of biz peeps / associates as social “friends.”

These were guys and gals that were actively following my online exploits. Not for the lack of a better label, but “marketer” is what they anointed themselves with.

Only in the world of online media does that label give anybody any street cred.

Walk into any successful bricks ‘n mortal company, including all major thriving corporations with an online presence, and you’ll find that they see “marketing” as just ONE (but, yes, still very vital) PART of their entire business.

Online, however, completely different mindset. Sometimes the thinking even goes to the extreme:

“give me an e-platform to play on, and I’ll sell the shit out any muuuuuuuthfuccccka I so dare!”

So, okay then “Marketer,” here’s the deal with that:

A list, a readership base, a subscriber, is about lifetime, long-term value and relation-shipping, not about “one-hit” sales.

Hell, the first sale doesn’t count anyway !

Your list — this includes your JV prospects and prospective strategic alliances — want to know YOU.

They’re only sticking with you, by the way, if they feel you’re…

A) not trying too hard to “sell” them (i.e., you’re being real about the things you pass on to them)

B) passing on your experiences, research, insights MORE than pitches and offers (i.e., not making every frickin’ email a request to go to a link and buy something) and…

C) talking to them about “stuff” that is focused on the topic that compelled them to join your list in the fist place.

I’ve seen a lot of comical, wacky stuff lately… probably more so than you? (but I am also on a ton of email newsletters / lists).

Most of the methods / approaches behind these lists are nothing but fantasy sales machines — full of hype, pure fiction, or creative BS (lack of authenticity).

Of the 500 or so lists I’ve been on over the years, only about 25 provide any kind of factual, un-biased insight or news about the very topic I signed up to learn more about.

Just the facts ma’am.

Now, over to Bob Hoffman (aka “The Ad Contrian”) to help me end today’s mild rant:

“Marketers are complicated bastards with strange customs and mysterious beliefs. We marketers are taught not to think simply!

“How marketers think.. and.. how consumers think couldn’t be more different.


- How can I engage consumers with my brand to create a community?

- How do I connect the authenticity of my brand with my target audience?

- How can I co-create with my target audience and develop a conversation?


- Is there gonna be parking?

- Is this fuckin thing gonna work?

- How vigorously are they going to screw me?

- Will someone please pickup the god-damn telephone!

Consumers want simplicity and clarity. Marketers want to complicate the shit out of everything.”

The takeaway here?

The majority of people live “normal” lives with “normal” worries, hopes, challenges and fears.

They have dicey jobs, unstable families, health concerns, unhappy kids, and simple choices to make (like ‘Uhmmm…. tacos tonight, or pizza?”).

The majority of “normal” people don’t give a rats ass about YOU, “marketer,” until they first know you give a rats ass (care) about them!