The Rebel Playboy

Barry Goss 🐻
Oct 1, 2017 · 1 min read

I don’t think I’ll miss the passing of a ‘celebrity’ as much as I will the silk-robed Casanova.

In my wonder / coming of age years, I didn’t care whose name was on the ‘dirty magazine’ my father would stealthily hide between the seat cushion of his chair (as if he didn’t know I had an eagle eye) .

All I cared about was when he went to work so I could… ahem, yeah, yeah… read the articles (eh, not!).

Eventually the pics of the naked women became old hand (pun intended), as I graduated to real flesh.

Still, I soon realized that as publisher, Hugh Hefner was a change-maker, a deep, introspective thinker and cultural iconoclast — not some “creep out to peddle sex” or, some chauvinist out to to “exploit” the female form (still to this day, a siren call. Sad!).

Since Thursday, when he passed onto cottontail bunny heaven, there has been many a tear-jerking (damn, another pun) tribute to the distant hero who had the most impact on me.

But, I encourage you to read this one… (it dissects one of the most charismatic letters ever written to get a group of people… ahem… excited!) ;;)

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