Where To Make and Multiply Money Without Recruiting, Selling, or Talking to Anyone

Inside The Renegade Money Guide 2.0 | www.m4research.com/you
The title of this post sounds almost surreal, even a bit fantastical, huh?
“Crazy,” too, you say?
Well, I don’t fault you one damn bit for thinking that (if you are)…

Well, truth be told, it wasn’t until 2008 that I awoke to anything beyond sell, sell, sell and… me, me, me in control… or nobody! (i.e., only my efforts and knowledge in business)

Nothing wrong at all, of course, with striving to be Salesman/woman guru of the century — even making Alex Baldwin’s character in Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) your hero if you so desire.

However, when it comes to wealth accumulation and removing yourself from the sole reliance of trading your time for money, there can be extremes in approach.

About 10 years ago, my prior entrepreneurial pursuits were focused on extracting nuggets of wisdom through unscripted, raw conversational interviews.

Recorded calls with self-help authors, manifestation gurus, spiritual teachers, life coaches, etc.

Basically Thought Leaders in the arena of personal development.

I found out quickly that many of the followers of these “gurus” were die-hard into mindset and motivation… yes, even metaphysical magic.

You know the type, right?

The “wealth is an inside job” groupies.

Well, just as that is on one edge of the spectrum, so is the notion of just relying on Active Income (aka, J-O-B) or “Sales” Income (i.e., think of anybody out there constantly scrambling around online hoping to pump-up their affiliate commissions or product revenue).

Just doing one or the other, by itself, is missing the bigger boat.

About the latter approach: Producing and promoting.

Creating and selling anything of quality — something that provides value to many people — is a GREAT step in the right direction, but it’s not the most ‘leveraged’ step.

Then, what is?

Drummmm rooolllllll…

Answer: Investing in those who produce and promote.

I call it ‘smart money.’

Taking a stab at it here, but I’d venture to say you probably know several entrepreneurs, for instance, who hop from one so-called sales-driven ‘biz opportunity’ to another.

Or, they get jazzed-up when the latest-greatest marketing ‘system’ or ‘shiny object’ comes out.

Yet, they hadn’t figured out, for whatever reason (just as I didn’t for years), that thriving as a seeker of Financial Freedom also means things like ‘cash flow faucets,’ ‘passive income,’ ‘alternative investing,’ ‘asset accumulation,’ and ‘high-yield savings’ (keeping what we earn and then some).

What I’m talking about here is simply learning how to put your existing discretionary money to work… beyond what you’ve been taught.

There is, without question, a Wall of Silence separating you from some of the most unique ways to ‘leverage’ your money… and Time, too by the way.

More on that via my video below.

But, to wrap this up: Since 2009, me and the team at M4 Research have been hard at work wondering one simple thing:

“Where do wealthy people — international entrepreneurs, business titans and in-the-know full-time Regular-Joe-and-Jane investors — go to make money, using money?”

That one question, which leads us into never-ending answers and solutions, is what drives us daily!

So, when I see hollow “how to build wealth” content online — the kind that was only created as a seo-optimized filler article as clickbait to drive adsense commissions — needless to say I get a little miffed.

Which is why in this video, I’m going to comment on it briefly before I show you precisely how we curate our action-specific, vendor-named ‘Money Hacks’ inside our Renegade Money Guide.

Inside The Renegade Money Guide 2.0 | www.m4research.com/you

Truly, often it is the WHERE in tandem with the HOW that I have found people need most.

In other words, you’re technically financially free when your investments, capital, and assets produce enough passive income to exceed your expenses.

And… the only way to do that is to know WHERE to go to invest in programs that put your money to work for you.

That is what we do at M4 Research.

Sift, sort, and select the best information, contacts and vendors that will assist your pursuit to be financially free — quicker and sooner than the average bear(ess) ;-)

The FINAL POINT: There are much better ways to produce income for yourself or INCREASE your “wealth” than investing in prosperity seminars, motivational mastermind groups, marketing coaching programs, and any other such surface-level nonsense that leaves you more confused and unfocused than when you started.

And, without reservation, it all starts with tapping into carefully-researched, super-selective income-growing programs that are typically ‘hidden’ from the crowd.

Be sure to watch the video above… Or here…

P.S. Yes, there is a virtual information blackout on this kind of money knowledge… I explain some of those reasons in the video.