Looking To Winter

I had a slight hiccup with my blog earlier in the week so I decided to use the opportunity to manually move everything over into the root directory, and that’s why all of my previously published posts now appear to have been posted at 3:33am. Obviously they weren’t — it’s just that I couldn’t remember the exact time I wrote each one. Except this one, which I really did write and publish at 3:33am. But apart from that small detail everything else is pretty much as it was before so please update your bookmarks or your rss subscriptions if that’s how you’re reading this.

Autumn’s well under way in London right now and the depths of winter are almost certainly only a few short weeks away. Even though it’s been relatively mild here in the UK recently I’ve started thinking about buying myself a new winter coat for when the weather eventually turns. I’m really happy with the Woolrich summer parka I bought earlier in the year so I’ve been thinking to get myself one of these but I just can’t bring myself to spend over £500 on a coat — well, at least not yet. I suspect I might change my mind when I’m waiting for my bus to work on a ball-achingly cold morning in December or January.

Anyway, in spite of the weather I’m actually looking forward to winter this year, especially as I’m going to be off work Christmas week. I don’t buy into all that seasonal affective disorder bollocks. You’re not depressed because it’s cold and dark outside — no, it’s because you’re a mard-arse.

Originally published at Deep Thought.