Get Hassle-Free Wireless Broadband Plans for Homes and Businesses

NuSkope Broadband Internet offers a hassle-free wireless broadband service solution to homes and businesses looking for a faster and more reliable internet connection. NuSkope has fixed wireless broadband plans ideal for residential areas, and WDSL internet business plans for corporations and other institutions. NuSkope delivers wide area wireless connections and has been providing broadband plans in Adelaide since 2007.

Facing cable restrictions in the area? Look no further!NuSkope has a wireless broadband service that can provide a seamless and fast internet connection without the hassle of getting your area wired and cabled, whose set up could incur extra costs if the infrastructure in the area is not yet cable-ready.

NuSkope Broadband Internet has a wide range of fixed wireless broadband and WDSL internet business plans available for residential and commercial spots in Adelaide and its surrounding areas. The wireless technology is faster than the common ADSL2+ connection and has a lower latency. NuSkope’s WDSL plans are not bundled with a phone line that you don’t need and are quite flexible depending on the needs and nature of the business or organization.

NuSkope’s fixed wireless broadband plans are ideal for residential areas that allow customers to choose from 40GB of data cap per month to 100GB, 200GB, 300GB, 400GB, and 600GB offered at an affordable price of $39.95 to $139.95. The download speed ranges from 12Mbit to 30Mbit, with up to 2Mbit to 5Mbit upload speed.

Clients and customers can also choose their contract lengths from a minimum of 1 month to 12 months and 24 months. The set-up fees for new accounts may vary depending on the chosen contract length.

For institutions such as schools, businesses, hospitals, universities, government agencies, or research facilities, NuSkope has prepared cost effective WDSL Business Plans with 12Mbit download speed and 5Mbit upload speed at 50GB, 100GB, 200GB, 3000GB, 400GB, and Unlimited plans priced at $79.95, $104.95, $154.95, $204.95, and $365.95, respectively. The contention ratio of NuSkope’s WDSL Business Plans is 1:5. If the speed is not up to the client’s standards, NuSkope is open to provide other options such as 20Mbit/10Mbit to 400Mbit/400Mbit plans tomeet a client’s working budget and internet requirements. NuSkope can also help businesses connect multiple sites through its point to point connections. Through this, a business can set up a central site where multiple LAN sites and remote PCs can be linked.

All NuSkope wireless broadband plans devised for home use and business use are provided one static IP addresses. There’s also a dedicated customer support system locally based in Adelaide to quickly address any technical concerns, enquiries, or issues.

NuSkope is a privately owned internet service provider company that specializes in delivering fast, reliable, and affordable wireless broadband plans in Adelaide’s home since 2007.

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