18 Reasons Why Donald Trump Is A Far Better President Than Barack Obama
Allan Ishac

None of those are appropriate, and of course you can’t compare about six months with eight years. Now I do have some items that I think make Trump potentially a better president as follows:

  1. He was a very successful business person, not a community organizer.
  2. He is not a lawyer and is not focused on managing every detail.
  3. He does not organize his briefing books.
  4. He has a very accomplished and competent team.
  5. He is not afraid to confront international issues and has no red lines that when crossed have no consequences.
  6. He understands that people like say Putin are ruthless and really don’t care for things like say Americans do.

That is plenty but only time will tell if he is a success or not.

Thanks for the laughs that your post created, they were somewhat needed.

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