Why I Left NPR
Stephen Henn

I’ll be interested in seeing what the funding model is for this new kind of radio. For forty years, audience support (from the members of that ‘ghetto’) have provided the most reliable source of funding, directly connected to a critical mass of listener hours accrued by those listeners throughout the year. The ghetto is populated by devoted, connected, activist listeners who are at the age when they have significant discretionary income to give in support of what is the gold standard of non-fiction broadcasting in America; arguably, Millennials also possess those attributes sans the discretionary income. It is smart to explore the potential of the digital platform, to find the tribes where they choose to dwell, and to serve them with equally as compelling a set of services that public radio has achieved. I am excited that you are exploring those spaces, and wish you success in securing ways to fund this approach long-term. Right now, it seems that corporate sponsorship is rising to the top of the funding heap (which, ironically, is a less reliable source of support than membership and is essentially a commercial model). Should be an adventure!

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