Knicks Now 2–5 When Porzingis Scores 20+ Points

Every time Kris goes off, the Knicks have fall. The last five times he’s gone for 20 or more it hasn’t been enough. And it’s also usually against elite competition.

Kris was Kevin Costner in Waterworld wet during last night’s game, especially in the fourth (before going tired). Whenever the going gets tough, the Latvian steps up. These are his lines (P/R/B) in the games he’s gone for 20.

99–100L @Spurs: 28/11/0

84–91L @Cleveland: 24/4/1 (4 assists)

97–104L V. Dallas: 28/2/2

111–116L V. Houston 20/13/2

78–95L @Miami 20–14–2

107–102W @Houston 24–14–7 (also the only performance other than Shaq twice a 20 year old or younger has gotten 24–14–7)

102–94W @Charlotte 29–11–1

The big guys he did that against were Aldridge/Duncan, Tristan Thompson (supposedly beefy), Dwight Howard, Bosh/Whiteside and Al Jefferson. Not bad.

Maybe the best thing about Kris is his unselfishness. He’s the type of guy who would forego a threesome to get his buddy laid. He could be putting up 20+ every night, but he doesn’t press or force up shots like the Marbury and JR Smiths of the past. He lets the game and all the bitches come to him, like this:

(If Fisher gets his head out of Matt Barne’s wife’s ass and sends Calderon to the pine, we’ll be seeing this A LOT that rest of the year).

And he’s just flat-out good, and all good player bring their best against the best:

  1. When the Knicks behind or Melo is struggling (which go hand in hand), Kris noticeably gets more aggressive on offense.
  2. Kris clearly doesn’t back down to anyone. That’s pretty shocking and impressive for a 19-year-old that scouts said was soft.
  3. Fisher limits his minutes, especially when the Knicks get comfortable leads. This team rarely gets blown out and always plays up to their competition. A lot of that is cause they lean on him more. Even so, almost all his 20 point games come in 30 minutes, since he rarely plays more than that (35+ 6 times).
  4. Bonus: He’s shooting 82% from the line and getting to the line cause he hits the boards. That’s just silly and bolsters the case that he’s already better and a lot harder than Dwight Howard and Deandre Jordan. You can’t get in Kris’ head.
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