Soon to Lose My Head

My real life will soon take a turn. In a couple of months, I will no longer be an 8 to 5 conservative workaholic junkie, take-orders senior manager, paperwork guru, TPS report filer, coffee break worshiper, deadline maker, boring commuter, husband, and father.

No. My life will change. I’ll be doing research on QBs, TEs, DTs, and LBs. Scanning field reports. Reading player updates. Checking PED suspensions. Creating player strategies. Sneaking 24/7 football peaks.

Life as I know it will be over. Yelling four-letter expletives at the TV. Skipping familial matters. Checking scores. Trading. More expletives. Sweating. Cheering. Air punching. Furniture smacking. Sleepless nights.

Hating players, loving them. Wanting them to perform, then to suck.

Frustrating, yet addicting.

And what is the ultimate goal? To win a digital “championship” title for bragging rights.

It’s so worth it. Let the games begin. September 7.

Photo Attribution: The Loser by Shel Silverstein | by liquidnight