You have probably heard that Instagram is the hottest place to be for generating leads, sales, and sign ups into your business.

Maybe you’re thinking, well why am I not generating leads and sales for my business?

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Whoever said that is correct. Instagram has been my biggest lead generator, in fact, its like my only strategy I focus on.

Of course people would love to have 50+ lead flood their list every day, right? I like to say

If you can’t communicate with 5 leads, then how will 50 solve your problem?
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Generating leads online will be slow at first, like you will NEVER get out of the single digits.

Here are some ways I generated my first 50 leads on Instagram

  1. I had a bio that pops, full of emojis, and pointed to a link with a free offer. If you don’t have any free offers and want to start building a list, check out I use here.
  2. I would sometimes point my followers to a blog post that had free offers and a way to capture their contact info. If you see I have webinar invite, free trainings, and offers on this blog that share value and meet a need. If you want to grow your business with instagram, guess what… I have a training for that.
  3. I would use call to actions in my post by saying, “click the link in my bio”
  4. Have conversations. Connect with people and ask them how they are doing. I would congratulate them on there decision to be an entrepreneur. If they mention they are struggling on instagram I would point them to my online solution.

I hope these tips really helped you. If they did, leave a comment and let me know

life is good

P.S. Always a pleasure to serve you. If you don’t have a system or strategy in place to grow your business online, you might want to checkout the system I’m using to get results better than ever before.

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