How To Generate Network Marketing Leads For Network Marketing

You’ve picked a Network Marketing company and now you need people to talk to.

LFets face it. Friends and Family may support you. Buy a product here and there, but they don’t have the same VISION as you.

You saw this opportunity as way for you to spend more time with family, go on vacation, pay of debt, etc.

In order for your business to grow, you need an ever flowing supply of people to talk to.

When I started with my first company, I was told to write down a list of 100 people, … and I did. The problem here was, my Aunt Susie wasn’t interested in building a business.

So I searched for a new way to build.

Here are 3 Basic Steps I teach and use in my business online.

  1. Build A Funnel — A simple website that you drive traffic / share with your prospect
  2. Capture Leads — Have a way to capture you prospects information. Name/Email/Phone etc.
  3. Automate Follow Up — Follow up with everyone on your list that shared interest in your offer.

When I made that list of 100 people, I would have to call each one of those individually that may or may not be interested in what I offer.

By creating a funnel/marketing system it automatically qualifies the prospects.

Next, when that person gives me their contact information, that tells me they want to know more about my opportunity.

Then I can follow up with those leads automatically by email or when I have a new product to offer.

I hope this has helped you with how you can use this for your business online.

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