So this War on Terror; when is it actually starting?

In the UK we have been lucky so far; our friends across the sea are bearing the brunt of the conflagration. It’s only a matter of time of course. Once again the response this week from President Hollande was the usual conflict rhetoric; this is all out war, he declared. Well, I thought we had actually declared that 15 years ago? The outcome since then has been an overwhelming triumph for the jihadis while we can count a dead Bin Laden and a few drone strikes on nonentity leaders. The politicians are so dumb they still think this ‘war’ can be won by force. Deluded imbeciles. There are now MORE jihadis than ever and Europe is their playground. And of course the open door policy of Europe has been to lay an invitation mat out for terrorists. As ye sow, ye shall reap. Western leaders should be apologising for unleashing this beast, not carrying on defiant.

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