There are a few ways to handle Magento extensions, for example:

  • Magento Connect
  • Copying files in the Magento directory
  • Use Composer (with composer-installer)

I’m a fan of using Composer (in- and outside Magento), so I like to use that option. This works great for free packages listed on Magento connect or Firegento Packages, because you can just require the packages and run composer update. A few advantages over the other 2 options:

  • Easier to update packages (run ‘composer update’)
  • Keep your Magento dir clean
  • Easy to install (‘composer remove’ and the files are really gone)

Magento Connect packages are listed in the connect20 namespace, so your composer.json file could like something like…

In my company, we use Twig instead of Blade for our Laravel projects. I know there are a lot of developers that also prefer Twig over Blade. So the question‘Why choose Twig over Blade?’ often pops up. The reason is usually just a matter of preference, but in this post we’re going to compare the Blade and Twig templating engines side-by-side.

TLDR; Spoiler alert

Both Blade and Twig provide the most important features; template inheritance, sections, escaping output and clean syntax. Blade provides a fast and simple syntax, but doesn’t add (much) extra functionality. Twig takes it a step further and adds an extra layer to provide more security and added features. …

In the last few weeks, Socialite was a popular topic to blog/tweet about. Coincidentally, I also needed Socialite for a project. But in my case, I wanted to use it in an Angular app, distributed using Cordova (Phonegap) as hybrid app on Android/iOS. There were some examples, but I couldn’t find much about it at the time. A few people asked to share my experience about it, so here it is!

Before we start

As I said, a lot has been written about Socialite. …


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Webdeveloper from the Netherlands, mostly focused on PHP. Co-founder and lead developer @

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