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Don’t judge an adolescent’s tastebuds. Buttered Hotcakes from McDonald’s and a Subway turkey sandwich with lettuce, pickles, salt and pepper is my daughter’s fav. Her once a month, if that, pickle partake is insignificant visitation frequency. That is a sandwich maker’s problem.

Subway’s struggles are no secret. After years of surfing a wave until it broke, the winners mentality became a blindspot — unit saturation, not so delightful customer interactions, franchisee revolts, management shakeups and a gnawing spokesperson’s scandal.

To this day, Jared’s big boy pants donned skinny embodies Subway’s Eat Fresh for so many. People trusted its dietary claim. Despite the positive health perception, the brand suffered YOY average unit volume declines resulting in $500 million loss, along with a 25% drop in store traffic and +1,250 unit closures in a market segment estimated to growth to $690 billion by 2022. …

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Distance learning at home © 2020 Barry Wade

The disaster economics of COVID-19 reveals Apple’s extraordinary opportunity to land grab education. E-learning (online learning, distance learning, blended learning and remote learning) is projected to be a $243 billion market globally by 2022. $46.7 billion was generated in 2016 in the U.S. In comparison, Apple’s Services revenue for FY 2019 was $46.3 billion. E-learning is a considerable addressable opportunity for Apple. An accretive acquisition would accelerate Apple’s education market penetration and increase its Services (subscription) revenue substantially (seizing 5% to 10% globally yields an extra $12 to $24 billion excluding ancillary revenues).

With COVID-19 stay-at-home measures, a nation of learners online overnight illuminated learning management system (LMS) disparities and disparate offerings an aggressive competitor(s) can leverage for gains and share. Three e-learning pain points stand out that Apple brilliantly delivers in software design and could use as a competitive advantage or point of…


Barry Wade

“What holds most people back isn’t the quality of their ideas, but their lack of faith in themselves.” -Russell Simmons.

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