How to be Productive

You might probably have googled “How to be productive”, “I can’t concentrate”, “Help me concentrate!!” etc. Yea, I did search for the answers too but ya know at the end it all comes down to you. Let me highlight that. Yes, it’s YOU! The only one stopping you is you. So, until you can’t figure that all the googled answers are not going to help a bit.

How often do you think you could have excel at something if you had spent more time doing it. In my case, since I am easily distracted, it is no surprise that I couldn’t excel at anything. I am a jack of all trades but a master of none.

I become extremely interested and for the first few moments I am in my top notch 100% but as the days goes by and the level of difficulty rises, I leave it underway. So, it has become a sort of habit. Picking up a new task and leaving in the middle. Just like the song “Stuck in the middle” by One Ok Rock, the lyrics resonates so clearly with me. It goes “I tried to have it all, now I am stuck in the middle. I couldn’t have it all now I’m all alone.”….. deep right?

I am however of the age where I am continuously discovering out my flaws and correcting them. In my long process of self-realization, I found out I should concentrate on completing one thing at a time. Getting my hands into too many tasks will just leave me hanging. So, concentrate on completing one thing at a time.

Furthermore, did I mention about the distractions caused by social media? Yes, stay away from them. I found out this site/app - It helps to self-destruct the tabs for you to be more productive. Try it out and happy productivity !! :)