Cryptomarket Letters

On 23th of June , I was the one to call for the bottom. It was too premature call but it turned out to be right. I was sure about the bottom on 8th of August when I posted BUY at my instagram account.

I have constantly said that, “the downtrend is over, but we need to have some more time to see a bull run”.

Now we are having the 327th day in the bear market. Last bear market did last for 410 days. So, we might still be looking for another 3 months time to make that time but it is not really necessary nor might be sufficient to start for a bull market. But while observing the market there are things to reconsider.

  • We are not seeing any “ When moon” “ When lambo” guys left long ago. We don’t see any Lambo memes or emojis for a long time.
  • The alts started to go up. Especially for the last 2 weeks, we have seen some really constructive moves by major alts
  • We have seen a huge amount of positive fundamental news while we are forming the bottom.
  • These times, when bottom is forming, the promising coins start to be accumulated by smart money. One of my favorite coin MET, seems to constantly accumulated. Even though we see some aggressive sellers , probably got bored, we know that “Market is a wealth transfer mechanism from inpatient to patient”. Keep on buying. Very promising
  • Guys who know me from other projects. I am never pro bullish. BUT it think as the market continues to be constructive for the next few weeks, I am expecting a bull run to 10.000 Usd for BTC

Now is the time you accumulate! Buy the promising coins at cheaper prices.

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I was a fan of XLM but not it is a small cap coin anymore.



Still waiting FSN to come up with a product.