BOOM! 50 healthcare innovation concepts

Several years ago I started to keep a record of possible concepts that could help improve healthcare delivery. Some of them geared towards consultants, others for corporates and R&D departments.

As a personal exercise I later made a continuously evolving powerpoint out of it. An exercise because I wanted to find a fitting title, short description, plus a picture to go with each concept. This helped me in weeding out less suitable concepts and understand the nuances. The document has helped me several times in detailing which concept was best suited for a certain assignment.

During the preparations for the relaunch of in4care ( innovation partner for a group of +300 care organisations), I took some time to do a spring cleaning of that document.

I hope it will also inspire you in improving healthcare delivery :)

Don’t hesitate to send me other concepts! I promise I’ll add and publish them (mentioning your name). Looking forward!

Bart at

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