Build it! part deux > 3 novel concepts for digital health entrepreneurs.

I’m seeing tons of startups in the digital health space, but also a ton of problems on the work floors of healthcare organisations.

In most cases it’s not extremely hard to do the matchmaking and bring problems in contact with possible solutions.

But sometimes I come across problems where I can’t find a solution to a specific problem or -secondly- I wonder why a certain product hasn’t been developed yet.

This is the second part in (hopefully) a long series.

Part 1 is here: Medium or LinkedIn

Personalised Health Monitoring Package

An on-demand personalised kit for a specific diseases or purpose (weight loss, fitness, …). Whatever your disease or purpose, this service will hand you the monitors and/or services tailor fit to YOUR goals (and contextual circumstances). The service, which is vendor neutral, can hand you the complete kit or complement the tools you’re already using.

The service is based on the principles of ICT (Internet Cooking Technology). A solution is cooked by using a specific combination of ingredients. That combination is chosen to tackle your individual problem. If one would have to choose an analogy from a different industry (food?), maybe Hello Fresh or Blue Apron would qualify.

Contextual Robot Trainer

We’ll see millions of robots coming to healthcare organisations and they’ll need to interface with millions of very different legacy systems. There’s a need of an intermediary service to help (facility & bedside) robots to communicate with local systems. Think of loading interior maps, connection to EHR, interact with IoT and logistic systems, telephony, …. and make use of the local AI system.

An analogy in this case would be Validic or Redox for hospital robots.

Personalised TV Channel (or podcast)

How about tuning in to a personalised TV Channel that helps YOU attain the goals you’ve set for yourself (both mental as physical). Consider it as your specific coaching/buddy assistant system (delivered via an avatar), where the feedback is fed by a combination of sensors, EHR, services, activity, … Essential for success would be the avatars’ capacity for empathy. Think about taking a picture of a restaurant menu and allowing the assistant to make a choice (same goes for groceries).

Sorry, can’t find a better analogy other than a human fitness coach.

Thank you for building!

Your ideas and remarks are welcome!