Healthcartech : Automotive health tech

Monitoring your health while driving will soon be an essential component of your car. 
Are you almost falling asleep? Is your HRV predicting a heart failure? Are your pupils almost entirely black from cocaine abuse? In each of these cases the car should stop.
But this type of “safety monitoring” only scratches the surface of possibilities.
A second type of -in vehicle- measurements collects “pattern data” (biometrics + contextual data). It’s much easier to collect relevant and meaningful data in a car for pattern analysis because there are much less variables due to the pilot always sitting in more or less the same position. In addition, a much higher frequency will be measured (eg during all commutes). This makes the baseline(-data) of much higher quality and allows to analyse the deviations more accurately and thus formulate preventive suggestions.
But there’s also a third type of healthcartech: speciale purpose healthcare transport.
For example, I don’t think it is inconceivable that we soon order a special Über or Lyft. We order a car equipped with a whole set of devices that measure/monitor a large range of biometric data (including blood, saliva, DNA, …) while driving. Thanks to high bandwidth (5G) the collected data is transmitted to medical analysis centers, subsequently analysed and results send back (and communicated via an emphatic virtual avatar?). Alternative special purpose vehicles might include rehabilitation tools, sleep analysis, imaging, … And why don’t we put a 3D printer in such a car that provides you with personalised medication during transportation? Or have your DNA altered with CRISPR while driving if you’re heading towards a sunny destination and have a sensitive skin (or if you’re Irish).

I welcome your other ideas @bart or :)