Wellness Application UI Part.

During the second week of the UI module of the UX/UI Ironhack bootcamp, our class began on creating the User Interface of our wellness applications. We had already completed the UX research and had created Mid-Fidelity Wireframes. The deliverable by the end of the week was a working High-Fidelity prototype, as well as a video showcasing important micro-interactions.

Like the Competitive Analysis done in the UX Research, I also did a Visual Competitive Analysis. I used my two direct competitors in this analysis. Seeing which colorways, fonts, and visual feeling of each competitor allowed me to…

Wellness Application UX Part.

The first individual project for the UX/UI Ironhack course is the creation of a wellness application. The project brief is to create a wellness application that is able to track a person’s overall progress for well being. Wellness is a very broad topic and is defined as an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence.” I decided I would focus on tracking the practice of self affirmation and journaling to improve ones mental wellness.

Before I began the lean survey canvas, I did a Competitive Analysis and…

Add a feature project.

Logo for the application Too Good To Go

For our first week of the UI module of the UX/UI Ironhack bootcamp in Amsterdam, we were each given the task of designing a new feature for an existing application. We had to come up with three problems we had with one or more applications. The best problem from each student was written down on a piece of paper and put in a hat. We each had to blindly pick from the hat to see which problem we would be solving.

I pulled out the problem that belonged to the very talented Hessel de Vries. A…

UI and Design Systems

During the second week of the UI module of the Ironhack UI/UX bootcamp, and the first week of remote learning using Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic we constructed a design system, which we could use to build the User Interface for our e-Commerce project from the first two weeks of the User Experience module. Although we did the first project of the course in groups, the UI was to be done individually.

To start the week we were tasked with doing a Visual Identity Competitive Analysis of the two direct competitors from the e-Commerce project. This included, but is…

I’d like to start by stating that this article is a follow up to an earlier article which can be found here. In this article I will go through the second week of our design thinking process for the Kunstboer e-commerce project, done for the Ironhack UX/UI bootcamp.

We began the week by creating the Site Map for the webshop for our “client”. A site map is used to show the relationship between pages in a site. This task went quite quickly as the current Kunstboer webshop was fully functional, and we wouldn’t be adding new pages to it. …

Ironhack UX/UI Local e-commerce challenge.

It’s a given when doing a bootcamp, you hit the ground running. The nine week Ironhack course is no exception. The first morning we were given lectures on the following topics. An Introduction to Design Thinking, an Introduction to User Experience research, User Centered Design, and lastly a lesson in Business and Competitive Analysis. After a lunch break, we began our first group project. I was assigned to a group with my fellow students Xiaodan Guo and Konstantin Asmanov.

For our group project we were assigned with the following task:

“Local shops often suffer a decrease in their annual sales…

Introduction to the challenge

For the third challenge of the Ironhack UI/UX prework we were tasked with doing a redesign for a booking application. Given a user type and a destination to travel to it was up to us to use what we had learned in the Useability Module to solve potential pain points a booking application may have, and solve them through a redesign.

User Type

For this challenge we were given a choice of several different user types that we would use as our own audience reach. We would also use this user type for interviews and user testing of the chosen application.


Do it for the gram!

As part of the Ironhack UX/UI Prework, we were given the challenge of reverse engineering an app that we use frequently. I decide to choose instagram because I use this application every day, not only to keep up with friends and see what they’re up to, but also to find new inspiration through the thousands of talented designers that add posts every day.

This brings me to the User flow I decided to reverse engineer and create wireframes for. I decided to reverse engineer the “upload image” user flow, seeing as that is one of the main features of the…

A bit of background

Citymapper started in 2011 in London. It is a free mobile and desktop public transit app and mapping service. It is in competition with other apps like Google Maps and Apple Maps. It integrates data for all urban modes of transport, from walking and cycling to driving, with an emphasis on public transport. Like many other transit applications, the underlying data is pulled from a variety of sources, including open data provided by local transit authorities. Some data is user-generated or collected by local employed personnel. As of December 2019, the company operates in 41 cities and metropolitan areas.



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