Working on this project made me develop a better sense in costs and printing production. Since the start of the project I have set two main goals. First, create something that can be used as an portfolio. And second, do it well. I had no intention in wasting 300GBP for some cheap page fillers. The previous prospectus has been very minimalistic the composition and style. It had a very limited colour palette which was very useful when presenting different art mediums. This time around, I want to demonstrate a rich variations of graphic styles supported by vivid tones. I took this a step higher by applying foiling which is not something a college student may apply.

I am not satisfied with the overall content of my booklet. I had in mind to demonstrate an understanding of various art techniques and mediums, yet in the middle of the production process I realized that some of the illustrations may appear outdated. I then turned into collaging which created digitally lacked a sense of authencity. From then on I was researching a bunch of artists that were able to create art that was bold in the message: Joe Coleman and Anders Serrano used a lot of religious symbolism to enhance their art. On the end of the day I realized that it would be more profitable fore me to see what current illustration style ILD uses in their branding.

Unfortunately I haven’t been paying too much attention to the text, that initially was supposed to support the illustrations. It turned out that working on several illustrations was harder than I though, which ultimately absorbed more time than I planned. With little time I wrote some explanatory text that didn’t really made a visual difference. I also regret not including mayor religions like atheism or buddhism.

Planning was essential in this project. I have used my biggest budget yet since joining any graphic course. Since i finished the pdf, many alterations set by the printing company hindered me from paying and printing the book. Luckily I have payed them a visit which was another success that resulted in getting a better understanding of the budget and printing methods available. It certainly made a huge difference from the email correspondence.