I kept the plans for the exhibition in the background. Since the beginning of the project I knew that there will be no money left to look for decorative solutions. I had an idea that could save me money but not time. Drawing a mural by projecting an image onto the wall. IloveDust made a good use of limited resources to create a very effective and obvious design for Karl.

Again, you cannot go wrong with black and white. I was thinking of using praying hands to highlight an religious concept. I have purchased a few special surface markers that are very easy in use “Posterman”. The only regret I have is the size of the hands. Having made them bigger would definitely enhance the final outcome.

When it comes to publicity that could support the exhibition, it backfired as I predicted. Since the beginning of the promotion (facebook, posters, gifs, etc), nothing has been done to promote it. Everybody is occupied with their own progress but additionally to it, there is a visible lack of interest in publicity. My biggest fear was to promote a exhibition that will in 80% cover the work done by the foundation course. I have nothing against sharing a space with level4 students. What makes me worried is the quality and content of the work they are presenting. It looks clumsy and irritating. I have no interest in inviting the people I was working with to let them see “college” art gone crazy.

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