Live by the EpiPen, die by the EpiPen
Zach Shallbetter

My grandmother recently developed a blood clot and was put on Eliquis. Even with her medicare part D coverage it was $189 for a $30 day supply. She is also on Levemir which was $47/month. After one month of Eliquis she entered the “donut hole” and her insulin (Levemir) went to $500 a month. To put it in perspective she gets $1100 a month in social security. Yes I could afford to pay for her drugs but she felt awful having me do that, so I started looking. Both companies had programs for low income individuals and she was able to obtain the drugs for free. However they are both very complicated systems to navigate. The company that sells Eliquis required 11 pages of documentation. Levemir needed 9 pages. The average senior citizen would never be able to understand or gather the required documentation for the programs and then fax the paperwork. We need to do something about this. The current system is terrible and people should not have to choose to eat or buy their medications.

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