The decline of Stack Overflow
John Slegers

I think this post raises some interesting points, but I also don’t think it’s entirely fair.

I’m quite certain petty trolling is a reality on Stackoverflow, and it undoubtedly has its issues with both question and answer quality. I’m also not a heavy user of the site, so can only provide anecdotal evidence, but my recent experience on SO has been overwhelmingly positive.

I’ve asked a number of, sometimes spectacularly gormless, questions about a technology I know little about and enjoy working with even less (e.g.,, yet the vast majority of responses I’ve received couldn’t have been more helpful.

I had one guy sniping at me for posting too much information for him to wade through (ironically) but his comments have subsequently been deleted. Other than that I’ve been impressed by both the helpfulness of community members, and how quickly I’ve received responses.

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