Refugee Crisis In Eyes Of Czech Guy

It's some time since millions of refugees started to comming to Europe with vision of escaping civil war and seeking for better living. My opinion on this changed by every article I read about this topic. Most older people than I am in here were scared or angry about this situation. Even if they don't know much about everything what's happening. Much of them are scared of things they don't know or angry because they think someone is going to steal their happy life.

I live in the south of Czech Republic and as everyone I was scared what is going to change. Should I be scared of what is going to happend when first of those people reach the corner of Czech Republic. I tried not to form opinion till I find out more. I studied what's exactly happening in their country and what exactly are those people. Obviously I came across a lot of articles that said a lot of different things and that made me really confused at that time. I was searching for more but as I got deeper there were information I wouldn't believe.

People were talking about that but most of them didn't directly faced that problem in person. They just read the news and start worrying. I was suprised that I haven't faced this problem in person while I'm on the south of my country. I haven't seen any refugee yet, I haven't had any problem that would be connected to refugee crisis.

Then the Paris came. Everyone knows what I mean. It was a tragedy and I really hope this wouldn't happen again. After few months I got my friend from Paris get back to Czech Republic for two weeks. We were just talking about our lives and thing that came to my mind about France was this attack. As he told me, everyone in here is really worried and it's almost always like third thing that he's asked from people that live here.

After all I didn't even created an opinion on this because I haven't faced it in my life. That's it for brief compilation of my thoughts and experiences about refugee crisis.

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