Do Something Fun

Instead of crafting; I watched a movie (because honestly my weekend was a lot fuller than I planned). A movie was exactly what I needed; however my choice, Blackmass, with Johnny Depp was probably not the right choice. Johnny Depp did a great job. He did a phenomenal job in the film playing both sides of his dynamic character well — as the leader of the white hill gang. I won’t spoil the film for any of you, but I will say it will at times be hard to look away and at other times SUPER important (very violent). I NEVER take time for movies. I occasionally will turn on the TV in my room but I rarely sit down and watch a movie through just for fun. It was a much needed break from school and definitely improved my mood. I find that I am always inspired after watching an amazing acting performance.

Below are some screenshots of the film the first is from him working out in the garage right as he is being to build his mob career (he also announces to his partner that he is informing to the FBI)

The second picture is from a scene earlish in the movie where he leaves an associate for dead because he was “talking” and “disloyal”.

Mind Map (image)

Mind Map (digitization)

I made my mind map directly in the chrome-based web application. The .csv file is in my team folder and the screenshot of the map is featured above.

Suggested Themes

Sleep epidemic: sleep is related and impacts so many disparate aspects of life; from performance in school, weakened immune system, to mood swings. Unfortunately, many Americans struggle to make time for dense/deep sleep and it is seriously impacting themselves as well as our country!

Overeating: We are blessed to live in a nation full of food. Although not all of us have access some of us struggle with overeating. Of course overeating directly compounds the obesity epidemic. By helping people overcome overeating we can make a dent in the obesity epidemic and literally save the lives of thousands. While many people have tried dieting and exercise (which are amazing tools) it is incredibly important to monitor what and how much food enters into the body since both of those tools are often reactive responses instead of proactive responses. By targeting overeating we would be helping people proactively intervene in their own lives.

Mental health stigma: aIt is quite clear their is a mental health crisis going on in this country. Recently I visited San Francisco and was confronted by streets full of homeless individuals with very apparent mental health issues. A simple solution to this problem is to get people to treatment but that solution negates the strong impact that stigma has on keeping people from seeking treatment. By attacking stigma we can help empower people to seek solution and benefit from treatment.

10 Silly Ideas

Shake n’ Spray: With this idea; one would shake a shake weight to pressurize a super-soaker. It would be super fun and silly to have to exercise like this to get your water gun to work.
“Fart-Apart”: a silly toy/sensory object that farts and has a nice rubbery feeling that helps students with sensory needs.
Impossibly heavy weights: do not like going to the gym, like at all. So, I thought what would be the best way to “punish” my “gym-bros” for their excessive ridiculousness at the gym. That’s when I invented the “Impossibly heavy weights”. Basically as a friend lifts up the weights he will trust them over his body (crazily) and look like a baffoon since he will assume that it is heavy and go crazy trying to get them up. I would get a lot of satisfaction seeing my friends use this contraption.
Floortastic exercise: This “playground-lava-game” inspired invention is a floor made entirely out of dense memory foam. The idea is that every time you walk your feet sick deep into the floor making those late night “water runs” much harder to do. This contraption makes walking even BETTER exercise! :-)
Milk dye: Some people LOVE milk and others do not. The thought with this is that a child could dye their milk a crazy color while (unknowingly) enriching it with the vitamin powder. The coloring makes the milk more fun and less “normal”.
Velcro wall race: I recently saw a velcro wall and thought it was the coolest thing ever!! Then I thought about how fun it would be to crawl across the wall like spider man in a race-type game to hit the clock. Again, one would not be able to touch the ground as it would be “covered-in-lava”. This game would be both fun and great exercise!!!
“Modern 52 pick-up”: The classic game “52 card pick-up” gets a much need upgrade with the new version complete with an ungodly amount of bouncey balls. The thought is you go into a small room, turn off the lights, and drop an entire bucket of bouncey balls. The other person has 3 minutes to grab as many as they can. This version is both dangerous, fun, and a crazy great work-out.
Elephant-vitapooper: I hate hate hate hate taking vitamins and I always forget to take them as well. Though I imagine that if I had an elephant that pooped them out; I WOULDN’T FORGET! Because that is hilarious and super cute! I also imagine this elephant would make a sound everytime it pooped out a vitamin!
Bouncy Bike: This idea is fairly simple: I combined bikes with pogo sticks. Now, the reason I did this is what is interesting. Because, I HATE biking but I love pogosticking. So I thought if I combined pogosticking with biking I probably would “bike” more often (it’s okay to laugh).


Thursday, 9/22 — I plan on crafting, because I rarely get to do it and because it is fun!

Friday, 9/23 — While I am at the airport I plan on starting my mind map; the hustle and bustle of the airport should be quite stimulating for my mind!

Monday, 9/26 — After sitting on my thoughts for a weekend, I’ll whip out my list one more time and look at what I wrote with fresh eyes to see what sticks out to me/what still resonates with me. Additionally, I plan on creating my 10 ideas over the course of Monday as the ideas mature in my mind.

Tuesday, 9/27 — I will finish my blog and begin my presentation prep (slides).

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