Jon Tollefson

Hey Jonathan,

Sweet blog post, lots of cool insights.

I liked your Neuro water find/insight as well as your finding that athletes view sleep as a way to get better. As you might know I found that many of my interviewees saw sleep exactly the opposite, and in fact thought it was a waste! I would be curious to see if we could find a way to leverage any of your learning to help this other group see Sleep differently.

I wish you would’ve included the reviews for those products. Don't get me wrong; your current summaries make sense I'm just interested in seeing what other consumers in aggregate thought of those options. I feel those ratings provide an excellent way to compare products against each other.

What if neurowater had an electric cap that kept track of water intake awls well as predicted your sleep quality based on how much you drank. I feel that mindless drinking would really help people evaluate how they sleep much more easily.

Great job!

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