Mona Aldawood

Hi Mona,

I like your toothbrush karaoke idea. My cousins have these lightsaber toothbrushs and they LOVE them also my aunt said they are actually excited to brush their teeth now. This is totally a good idea and I hope you may even bring it to market.

After looking at your mind map I wish you would’ve explored in greater depth how depression and sleep are interrelated. Seeing that they are two of your themes I think identifying their deeper interconnections would’ve been interesting to see. I personally feel that the less sleep I have the less control I have over my emotions and emotional state. Just a thought.

What if your alphabet chips were healthy too! I imagine parents would only be that much more excited to give their children your chips knowing that they will nourish their minds and bodies. I love the idea and would be interested to see this product as with a veggie chip base.

Great job Mona!

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