Austin Berens

I like your 2x2s — they do a great job showing what the state of the art looks like. From those graphs it was easier to see how your products could compete against others in that space. I especially found your 2x2 regarding the basketball clock helpful because I assumed there would be a lot of competitors in that space. I also like that you outlined whether you felt your product could compete/where there would be a space for you to compete.

I wish your survey included some demographic questions so that we could better understand the audience you surveyed. Information like age and income could be helpful in trying to decide whether or not a particular population would be profitable to pursue.

What if you asked customers to rank/evaluate the values they saw that each product provided. If you could compare these questions with demographic information and your willingness to pay data. These comparisons would help you consider what features could make your product more valuable.

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