Embed 360° photos on Medium

You can now embed immersive 360° photos in your Medium posts… and it’s very simple!

For a more up-to-date tutorial on how to embed 360 photos on Medium, please refer to this tutorial.

With the rise of Virtual Reality, immersive content is getting increasingly popular on the web. Facebook, YouTube, Wordpress and others started to support 360° content in the past months and now you can embed interactive panoramic photography in your Medium posts!

Embedding 360° photos on Medium is possible thanks to Kuula — a website & community where you can upload, explore & share panoramic photography.

A example of a 360° photo from Kuula embedded on Medium. Photo by Jim Newberry.

Kuula is integrated with Medium which makes embedding super easy. Simply copy & paste the deep link to the 360° degree photo you want to embed in to the post editor on Medium and see it turned into an interactive 360° photo right away.

Copy link from the browsers address bar and paste it into the editor on Medium — it’s as simple as that!

I would love to make that article a little bit longer, but this is really all you need to start with 360° photos on Medium ;) We hope you enjoy this feature!

Get started with 360° photography

If you have never shot 360° photos yet and you are wondering how you could start making some, please read our Getting Started guide. There is quite a few decent and inexpensive 360° cameras on the market these days, so it’s a great moment get into spherical photography!

If you are looking for some inspiration, you can browse our featured photos to see some of the best and most creative spherical photos out there.

About Kuula

Once you start taking 360° photos, Kuula is the easiest way to share them. It offers a simple and intuitive interface that works both on desktop and mobile as well as a dedicated VR app, where you can experience all the content fully immersed in virtual reality. With Kuula you can also share 360° photos inline on Twitter, Medium & Facebook as well as embed them on any website.

Try it today and let us know what you think!