So, this piece is for you to get a realistic handle on what to expect. Unrealistic expectations are, in fact, the root of all evil.

For designers, you as a client may be categorised into one of many pigeon-holes. You could be someone who knows what to expect or the one who doesn’t. The one who has hired a designer previously or a first-timer; someone who has had bad experiences or maybe no experience at all. The list is endless. There is, however, one common denominator: most of you aren’t sure what to expect from a designer.

When you usher…

What is the reason for designing? We design in order to achieve the maximum benefit with the optimum management of limited time and financial resources. Both designers and managers working on a project have to solve problems and decide where they should allocate their resources.

Some time ago I explained what to expect from a designer, described what you pay for when hiring one and gave some advice on how to talk to them. Now the time has come to focus on some of the crucial elements involved in design flow at Netguru.

Here at Netguru we design the first…

So you need something designed. You think you might want to hire a designer but are hesitant and unsure. The experience of hiring designers is a little bit different to that of buying software, services or hiring, say, programmers. You look for a close, personal fit with a designer because the creative process you will share can require a special kind of mutual trust, intimacy and sensitivity. This is not necessarily easy to find between people who have never met before. It’s also a process It’s a process that can be overshadowed by big questions (e.g. what can you expect…

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Do you work with “creatives”?
Do you have trouble speaking their language?
Do you have trouble expressing yourself?
Then this article is for you!

My purpose here is not to explain design principles, but to help you communicate and get stuff done. I’ve been on both sides of the divide — watching clients struggle to express their needs and, like most of us, having problems expressing my own thoughts . …

Barteq Bialek

As an enthusiast of good design, music and storytelling, Bartek loves creating things that are a pleasure for people to use and look at. Designer

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