Founder of Blue Collar University - Author of "They're Managers - Now What?" and "You're a Manager - Now What? (2021)

I was having a conversation with Brodie, a client, and a friend of mine and I asked him what irritates him the most at work. Brodie is a project manager for pipeline construction and oil lease facilities. He takes his job and personal growth seriously.

Brodie said, “Nothing pisses me off more than being interrupted while I’m focused at work”, “I’m sitting at my desk reading or writing a report or trying to understand software I am not familiar with and quite possibly hate using. The interruption feels like they threw a flash-bang grenade at me.”

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“How do I deal…

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Imagine you are standing in the emergency room of your local trauma center and you’re watching a man on a gurney.

This man is overweight and under-dressed. Not under-dressed as in low class. Under-dressed because he’s wearing what they call a one-size-fits-all gown. It doesn’t. He’s exposed and he’s feeling it.

The lights and sounds of the emergency room in a trauma hospital are not very comforting, even to you.

It’s a world you are somewhat familiar with because of television, but unless you have ever been a patient in an ER, you can’t fully grasp the overwhelming emotions.


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At the experienced age of 60, I decided to take up barrel racing. It’s a competitive event where you ride a horse in a clover-leaf pattern around three barrels. Your score is based on the time to run the pattern and you lose points if you touch a barrel, knock one over or fall off of your horse.

To begin to even think about winning doesn’t happen overnight. There were many struggles and there will be many more. One of mine was that I could never keep my balance in the saddle — which, as it happens, is pretty important…

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